About Layer N

About Layer N

Ethereum's Financial (Hyper) Layer

Layer N is a novel layer 2 specifically designed for financial applications on Ethereum—and aims to rival existing traditional financial networks.

Layer N is a network of rollup instances designed from the ground up to offer hyperperformance, native inter-rollup shared liquidity & communication, and a supercharged user & developer experience. Developers can build applications on Layer N, either in a custom execution environment or on the public EVM instance, at much lower execution latencies, higher throughput, negliable transaction fees, and with full composability between rollups.

Hyper performant

Layer N instances approach the performance of centralized finance networks, creating an on-chain rival to NASDAQ.

Inter-Rollup Communication

Built on a shared communication protocol, Layer N allows rollup instances to seamlessly compose with and message each other.

Shared liquidity

Leveraging the IRC protocol, Layer N allows instant bridging between rollups, enabling maximal capital efficiency and usage.

Ethereum L2

As an Ethereum L2, Layer N inherits Ethereum's security and stability, and enables seamless bridging with Ethereum L1.