Application-specific VMs


Exchange-optimized Virtual Machine

NordVM is a specialized trading Application-specific VM that features a custom-built hyper-efficient Rust orderbook execution environment. Nord will be able to process up to 100k requests per second at sub 50ms latency with highly scalable compute that can process complex cross-margining and cross-collateralization—all while maintaing full composability with smart contract layers like N-EVM.

Existing infrastructure for exchanges is either too slow, too expensive, or not composable. Nord solves all these problems, and provides the first on-chain solution that can finally rival off-chain centralized exchanges.

Built specifically for Exchanges

No decentralized exchange or financial primitive has approached the efficiency and maturity of the centralized financial system today. Total decentralized exchange volume represents only 1% of all cryptocurrency trading volume. Existing on-chain solutions have major limitations and trade-offs that lead to sacrifices either in latency, performance, cost, or composability.

Nord is the first on-chain infrastructure purpose built for the needs of on-chain exchanges, while other solutions all try to fit generalizable solutions for this very specialized application.

By optimizing for low latency and performance, Nord can offer features and user experiences that users expect from centralized exchanges such as cross-margin, cross-collateral, and highly efficient liquidation engines.

On top of achieving performance parity with centralized systems, Nord is fully composable with N-EVM smart contracts, which allows on-chain applications to build powerful liquidity ecosystems around the exchange.

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